NVA Uniform Jacke Offizier Landstreitkräfte

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An NVA uniform for officers of the Landstreitkräfte, new. White piped collar metal mirrors are supplied with it. The jacket is made from high quality worsted (gabardine), and is piped white.

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Determine the correct dress size:

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Body height is marked with letter:

sk very small 158-163cm
k small 164-169cm
m medium 170-175cm
g tall 176-181cm
sg very tall 182-187cm
üg oversized 188-193cm

Waist circumference in Regular US-Size:

44 = 71-78cm (S)
48 = 79-86cm (M)
52 = 87-94cm (L/XL)
56 = 95-102cm (XXL)
60 = 103-110cm (XXXL)

For lean and obese sizes, there is an additional designation referred to waist circumference:

- 0 = 8cm smaller than regular waist
- 1 = 8cm larger than regular waist
- 2 = 16cm larger than regular waist



Product Note Status Price
NVA Uniform Stiefelhose NVA Uniform Stiefelhose
19.95 € *
NVA Uniform Hose Offizier Landstreitkräfte NVA Uniform Hose Offizier Landstreitkräfte
14.95 € *
Bundeswehr Diensthemd blau, kurzarm Bundeswehr Diensthemd blau, kurzarm
5.95 € *
Bundeswehr Diensthemd blau, langarm Bundeswehr Diensthemd blau, langarm
5.95 € *
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