NVA Sturmgepäck Tasche

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Nearly new Sturmgepäck from the NVA, rubberized inside, the outside of the backpack straps are made ​​of synthetic leather. A secure grip makes the contents remain dry. With the buckles the Sturmgepäck can be used with the Webbing together.

Rubber is only available with the bags from the 80ties, in older models from the 70s there was not this. The Picture shows a Sturmgepäck made in the 80ties.

Alternatively, the combat pack can also be used as parts bag on the bike. Dimensions are approximately 30x30x15cm.


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NVA Feldkoppel, grau NVA Feldkoppel, grau
7.95 € *
UTV Feldkoppel UTV Feldkoppel
3.95 € *
Koppel Tragegestell für Feldkoppel, grau Koppel Tragegestell für Feldkoppel, grau
3.95 € *
NVA Feldflasche NVA Feldflasche
14.95 € *
NVA Dosimetertasche in Strichtarn NVA Dosimetertasche in Strichtarn
1.95 € *
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