NVA Dosimetertasche in Strichtarn

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As new dosimeter carrying case of the NVA, to sew in the field service uniform. In each FDU, whether summer or winter, were two of these bags. The soldier sewed this for yourself. In this bag a gamma-neutron dosimeter RDC III D was inserted. In an emergency, which would have shown the radiation exposure of soldiers to a use of nuclear weapons.

Dosimeter is not included, only the case!


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NVA Feldkoppel, grau NVA Feldkoppel, grau
7.95 € *
UTV Feldkoppel UTV Feldkoppel
3.95 € *
Koppel Tragegestell für Feldkoppel, grau Koppel Tragegestell für Feldkoppel, grau
3.95 € *
NVA Sturmgepäck Tasche NVA Sturmgepäck Tasche
14.95 € *
NVA Feldflasche NVA Feldflasche
14.95 € *
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