Laundry and cleaning


Basically, all uniform items are dry clean, and although this is done in a professional cleaning with perchlorethylene. Due to the long and sometimes non-optimal storage conditions, the uniforms have sometimes, well, shall we say, a somewhat special fragrance. In contrast, a dry cleaning service is only of limited, then it smells like chemicals and Dienstmief.

The best is to let our experience dry clean the uniforms and selbige then let air out very long, preferably outdoors!

A good housewives tip is freshly ground coffee. The jacket in a hanging closet, put the coffee in a small cup of it. Coffee neutralizes the smell!

A cleaning in the washing machine's is a borderline case. Can go well or not. In principle, it is not advisable as the substance washing may not remain unscathed.

However, we have already tried it several times, and with a few things that you should consider it works quite well and the Dienstmief is then also disappeared. However, at your own risk, we guarantee this for nothing!

- Wash cold or a maximum of 30 °

- Special detergent for wool, all normal detergents destroy the wool fibers!

- Low to fling hardly hang wet and pull into shape when dried hot iron with steam


Thereafter, the parts are wearable again! Epaulettes and if possible Collars / Sleeve Patten removed first, as these have been made ​​on a cardboard pad. Cardboard and water compatible just not very good.