Instructions for attaching the epaulettes


Here is a guide on how the epaulettes are attached on your NVA uniform. We were often asked this already, so we decided to give you this little guide available.

  • You will need: 1 pair of epaulets, buttons, and 1 pair 1 pair of laces. All three things you can order from us.
  • Perform the button through the tab in the shoulder flap.
  • Now, thread one end of the lace through the button.
  • The textile part of the epaulets pull through the loop on the uniform, and both ends of the lace together through the slot on the textile epaulets.
  • Pull everything tight along the shoulder part of the uniform with the two lace ends through the two holes provided for the uniform.
  • In the lining of the uniform is not sewn at this point. This means that you can touch the two ends here, pull it tight and tie a knot. So the lace stays invisible in the lining. Ready!

The field service uniforms and shirts that goes in the same way, no food is only available here! Check out the pictures below, where we have presented to you the whole vividly!